Potential PhD students

I am willing to supervise PhD students interested in topological quantum field theory, enriched category theory, metric spaces and other related topics.

If you are interested in applying to work with me you should send me an email (telling me you've read this information!). I will probably suggest you put in a formal application to the department so that you are in the system and can be considered for funding.

You should read carefully the SoMaS information on applying for a PhD place and on funding.

Current PhD students

Joseph Martin
Working on equipments and enriched profunctors
Callum Reader
Working on measure theory for enriched categories
Shilan Anwer (aka Shilam M. Shalim)
Working on magnitude of metric spaces

Previous PhD students

Christos Aravanis
Hopf algebras, Hopf monads and derived categories of sheaves (2019)
Jonathan Elliott
On the fuzzy concept complex (2017)
Ben Fuller
Skew Monoidal Categories and Grothendieck's Six Operations (2017)
Roald Koudenburg (Middle East Technical University)
Algebraic weighted colimits (2013)
Awarded the TM Flett Prize in Pure Mathematics
Bruce Bartlett (University of Stellenbosch)
On unitary 2-representations of finite groups and topological quantum field theory (2008)
Awarded the TM Flett Prize in Pure Mathematics